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Property title transfer is an important and complex process. It is essential to have specialized legal representation to ensure that everything is done correctly and without problems. Seaside Legal Solutions has a highly qualified and experienced team to handle all aspects related to property titles.

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Massachusetts law requires that an attorney preside over a property closing.
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Seaside Legal Solutions, P.C.

Ruth Pino

I work with the Team at Seaside Legal Solutions often. As a realtor, I need a Team member in order to serve my clients in the best most efficient way possible. The staff is responsive and gets the job done. I recommend the firm for any type of real estate service, including permitting and all of the details involved in a real estate transaction for both buyers and sellers

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Lauren Weeks was recommended go me through a friend and insurance company. She has been nothing short of amazing, helpful, informative, responsive and probably one of the best attorneys to help me so far with my home in a really tough spot. I look forward to adding more to this review after doing final business with her and will probably bring more business her way. I fully recommend them


I've hired Seaside Legal Solutions to represent me several times and they have always been diligent, competent and professional. As a specialist in the area of real estate law, Joel has handled closings when I've purchased and sold three different homes, in addition to refinancing the mortgage of those properties...


Obtaining the Title Certificate:

In order to transfer the title of a property in Massachusetts, it is necessary to obtain a Title Certificate from the state's Registry of Deeds. This will ensure that the property is free of any liens or legal encumbrances before the transfer.

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Deed of Transfer:

The Deed of Transfer is the legal document that transfers the ownership of a property from one owner to another. It must be prepared and signed by both parties involved in the transaction and recorded at the state's Registry of Deeds. It is important to make sure that all the details of the transaction are included in the Deed of Transfer and that it is fully completed and signed before recording.

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